Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weather in the world

Maybe it has always been like this. Maybe I just never paid attention to weather outside the usa as much as I do now?? I really dont think that is the case but ??? It seems every time I open my yahoo homepage, there is a headline of some tragedy that is weather related happening around the world. Australia hasn't even recovered from those horrible floods and is already being hit again. Blizzards with windchills of -25 and half the usa under snow. Areas of China facing the worst draught in 60 years. And the earthquakes seem to be coming more frequently all over the world. They say La Nina effects still are going to impact the world for another 3 or 4 months. If there ever was a time to praise the gods and ask for leniency, give praise to allah and ask for good health for all, to ask god for some relief from the cold and heat, grab your prayer beeds and offer prayer for peace to all.... the time would be now it seems. UAE may be enjoying good weather overall but there is so many people in the world that are experiencing so much difficulty. Keep in mind to give to those causes when you can and to not lose sight that giving even a little can help alot.

The weather in the uae is coming into the wet month(s). It doesnt rain a great deal but unfortunatly the infrastructure in the uae overall is not capable of handling any amount of rain, no matter how little. Even with small showers, the streets flood as they have unfortunatly built curbs on the sides of roads that block the water on the road systems. No underground sewage system to allow the water to flow to lower levels were built in. Those that are new need to realize the dangers of the roads in the uae and to not venture out unless absolutly necessary. If you see running water, do not enter. It only takes 2 inches of running water to be able to sweep away a vehicle. Roads that appear to be shallow amounts of water can be hiding a foot or more of standing water in the round abouts.

Hopefully in the future, as new roads are being built or old roads being tore up to be replaced, the engineers will build in some sort of flood planning. Be safe out there.

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