Saturday, February 12, 2011

Changes are a coming in the middle east...

Egypt is free! It isnt always going to be so wonderful and they have a long road ahead, but watching the video coming out of egypt, I can not help but to be overjoyed for this moment for them!

Good job on freezing that douches assets!!!!!! 40 to 70 billion his family has!!! His country struggles to survive and he has at least 40 billion???? How can a person do that to their own country?? He should be ashamed of himself.

Good riddance to Murbarak and I hope that the usa government does not stop continueing giving 'aid' because a government is put in place that may be anti-israel. The 'aid' was suppose to be aid..... and now that egyptians will actually receive some of that aid instead of lining the presidents families pockets, that money would be highly appreciated for actually building the infrastructure and education system for the country and taking care of the people.

But for this moment, lets all just celebrate with Egyptians in their freedom that they have fought and won! And keep in mind those that have given their lives for this to happen, those that were willing to take on a government that was willingn to terrorize their own citizens, those that have beat bitten and betrayed... It was not an easy victory, nor has it really only been this 19 day fight...  and many a person had their hands in this to make it happen.

Egypt has set the tone... Take to the internet people!!!!

Rally, come together, make the changes you want for your country! Just look at Egypt.... anything is possible!

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