Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Expat life in Dubai

It has now been over a year that I have been in the UAE. I came thinking this would be such an adventure but it fizzled pretty quickly. I am sure if I use this blog I will go into gripes but not today. Some of my time has been good, some bad, and a whole lot of just blah. I have met a diverse group of people so far and enjoying most expats (could someone get the british to stop drinking so much? :) ). I never thought I would be so warmly welcomed into a pakistani friends home with his wife and children and enjoy long evenings sitting talking about religion and politics, two taboos to talk about amongst americans, let alone the terrorist pakistanis. But it works. I have enjoyed my emirati friends. Nothing stranger then getting into a american muslce car and a man wearing a kandora (the local dress - looks like bit white tshirt/dress) turns on dr dre. Getting to go out and have a sandwich on the beach with a indian that I have grown quite attached to and proud to call a friend. A bright star in my time in the uae, for myself as well as I think for the uae, is the marine society I started that can be found at and the friends I have met through there. The fact that it has grown so fast,  and that so many people are willing to jump in and put work in to make it a tool and a go to for reefers in the area just goes to show how willing some are to 'build' uae. Sometimes I forget that so much that I can not find or things that I think should be readily available, besides just being a cultural difference that maybe the uae just isnt gong to have because there are not many americans, maybe someone never took the time to try and get it, build it, bring it, fix it, or whatever, so that the next expat who wants/needs/must have it,etc will be able to find it. Even though I am ready for my contract to end (it wont for ten months!LOL), I will make the best of being here. Hopefully I can take some three days and do some traveling to local places. I need to get on that asap before it gets too hot. I need to take more pictures so that I will have something to remember this time in my life.

I miss my dog. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I still miss my boo (who I am suppose to say ex boo but still dont and after my august visit from him :( I just cant now). We all have to grow and take our own paths in life. This is the path I am on. Better or worse, this is it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First blog post

Will I use this ??? Time will tell. Got an account to follow someone more then be able to blog but have stopped blogging on myspace so might use this. Time will tell.

My time in Dubai. I think the most important lesson is to 'live a simple life'. To keep ones eyes looking level. Do not look up nor down, just level. If you look above what people have then you will want more then that you have. If you look below,  you will think you have more then that you really have. Level.