Thursday, February 3, 2011


All the world watched Tunisia's government come to a crashing end... Now we sit in awe as a country that has a greater world presense is in protest of their government. It was peaceful and looked to be a calm. I was a bit shocked and amazed that for days, the protesters stayed peaceful and continued to peacefully protest and ask for changes. Then the pictures and videos started to stream in yesterday. The government seems to have outragously sent in government officials, including police that are in civillian clothes, to deliver violence to peaceful protesters. I woke up today to hear about deaths and see the pictures of so many people being hurt. Then the id cards of these 'pro' mubarek anti protestors. The news that random people were being stoppeed and offered money to change allegiance. :( Horrible. Murbarek, as well as other government officials, seems to be completely detached from his own country and the turmoil that the average citizen is going through. The country gets so much tourisim and so much aid, and still, the people have no money for food, the infrastructure in the country outside the tourist area is left in shambles, the internal education system for the average citizen is horrible, and the outlook of the country is atrocioius for someone who is just an average person.

I have not went to Cairo but inshalla, I shall go when it is peaceful once again, to show my support by giving my tourist dollars to Egypt and hope that the government will redistribute that wealth to build an internal infrastructure that will be beneficial for all of egypt and not just end up in the hands of a corrupt few who are enjoying a life that most people in egypt dont even understand how to wish for. Even though it seems the US governments main concern is to retain an ally in the middle east, I hope Murbarek steps aside and allows a government that the majority in Egypt can be happy with, that be anti israel or not... We should have no say in it, just as any other country shouldnt. If it is an anti-Israel government, then so be it.

I hope that no more blood should be shed of the average citizen. There are also protests going on in Yemen and Jordan. Only time will tell if there are to be major changes in those countries as well. It now seems to be majoritys time in Egypt to have a say in their future.  Now seems to mean NOW. Not Sept.

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