Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shopping in the UAE

Maybe it is the american in me and I like the corporate world just raping us... but I like walking into Target and grabbing anything and everything and walking up to a register knowing the price. I can not get used to having to ask how much and then the price war begins. I am no good at it. If someone says 200 dirhams, and I know it should be 100 dirhams, I just pay the 200 dirhams. I went to a fish store in Abu Dhabi (those who know me know I am in LOVE with anything marine related). I asked how much and they guy told me a price. I decided if I wanted to purchase it and did. The guy looked guilty taking my money. I went along with a local frend and when we walked out, he said that the man was ashamed to have taken that money from me and my local friend asked why I didnt offer him less. I know when I walk out of the store, they probly think 'dumb american' or 'dumb westerner' but I think in my head, and in my way, I get my revenge. I just wont ever come back. Is it really making any type of statement?? They dont get that translation of never seeing a customer again, as this is such a transient envirnoment they dont care if you do or don't come back. So who is really out ?? Me because I dont go back or the shop keeper who only got one big sale, instead of continuous business.

And I then when on the marine aquarium society and posted a review of his store... including the price gouging :) This may be a transient envirnoment for most things, but the marine hobbiest is not. ;)

And there is always just ordering it from netgrocer, amazon, target, or whatever other american retailer who I wont have to bother bartering with :) Everything else.... just send the local :)

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